Using Argan Oil on Ethnic Hair


Argan OilArgan oil is a natural oil that is rich in vitamins and full of essential fatty acids. It is popular as a moisturizer for both skin and hair, and is widely regarded as a miracle cure for numerous conditions.

It helps to nourish and revitalize your skin, balance sebum production, cure split ends, and generally improve the condition of your hair leaving it looking thicker, fuller and healthier.

Argan oil is popular among Caucasians, but many ethnic men and women are nervous about using it, because they fear that their hair will not respond as well as the finer hair of their paler-skinned friends. This concern is unfounded. Argan oil is a great treatment for ethnic hair that is in need of a new lease of life.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is an oil that is gathered from the kernels of the Argan tree, which is found in Morocco. The oil is available in gel and spray format, but the pure oil is the best form to use. The main benefit of the oil comes from the Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids in it.

argan oil for hairThe fatty acids do the same thing for your hair as collagen does for your lips – it makes the hair plump up and expand.

This means that your hair becomes less brittle, more flexible, and more resilient against dryness.

How Argan Oil Can Help Youe

Many ethnic women struggle with dry, brittle hair that becomes frizzy when it is exposed to humid environments. Argan oil can help to prevent this, giving you hair that is soft, full looking, and more well-behaved. In addition to generally improving the resilience of your hair, argan oil also helps to undo the damage that hair growth products, dyes, styling products and even shampoos can do to your hair.

Most of us are exposed to, quite literally, hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis. It makes sense to give your hair and your skin a natural treat every now and then.Another thing that Argan oil is good for is soothing itchy, dry scalps and dandruff.

argan oilWhile these conditions are far from unique to ethnic men and women, they are something that many men and women do struggle with. Using 100% pure Argan oil on your scalp can get rid of this issue.

How to Use Argan Oil

Argan oil can be used as a leave-in conditioner or as a styling agent to tame frizzy hair. One of the best things about Argan oil is that unlike chemical based conditioners, Argan oil will not leave your hair feeling clumpy and will not leave a greasy residue behind when it is rinsed out. Applying Argan oil as a conditioner is easy.

Simply rub a few drops of the oil between your hands and then run your fingers through your hair, massaging the oil into your scalp. Work slowly and systematically to make sure that your entire scalp is covered. Do this every evening, and rinse the oil out each morning. After just a few days should notice a marked improvement in the look and feel of your hair.

argan oilArgan oil makes a great styling agent. When it is applied to hair it gives it a nice, shiny gloss. To use Argan oil as a styling agent, simply apply a few drops to your comb and then style your hair as normal.

Use only a very small amount so that it is readily absorbed into your hair. The oil will help your hair to hold its style, prevent it from becoming frizzy, and also protect your hair from heat damage.


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