Jojoba Vs. Argan Oil For Hair: An Easy To Understand Comparison


Argan Oil for hairTaking care of your hair is never easy, and for those that want to reverse some of the damage that styling products have caused or just want to ensure healthier hair growth.

Natural oils are a great way to do just that. Jojoba and argan oil are both popular oils in the sense that they are beneficial in their purest forms or as additional ingredients in quality beauty products.

Though they are popular ingredients in the specialty beauty products that many of us seek, lots of people are still in the dark about these great oils.

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between jojoba and argan oil, below we will take a quick look at the two oils side by side. What makes them popular? How can they help your hair?

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan OilArgan oil is an oil derived from the argan tree which actually grows in a remote part of Morocco. It is often called Moroccan oil or you may have heard one of its nicknames like ‘liquid gold’ or ‘the miracle oil’.

The oil is not only beneficial in the sense that it yields positive results easily perceived physically, but it also has numerous benefits that helps strengthen hair and promote hair growth.

Argan oil contains fatty acids, Vitamin E, carotenes and phenols which are all natural ingredients that help your hair and scalp thrive. It can also be stated for the record that argan oil is a bit less prone to oxidization than olive oil.

What Are The Uses Of Argan Oil?

There are numerous reasons people reach for argan oil when it comes to caring for their hair. Argan oil can be found in store bought shampoos and conditioners, but in its purest form, argan oil can actually be the leave-in conditioner itself. It is a great conditioning agent just by using a few drops of pure argan oil as it helps hydrate your hair.

Argan OilAs a styling product, argan oil is even more beneficial. If you have frizzy, dull or thin hair, argan oil is able to repair the damage caused by chemical treatments and styling products. The omega 3 and the 9 different fatty acids contained in this oil can help you prevent split ends.

Before using the blow dryer or straightening iron, applying argan oil can help prevent further heat damage. It also helps reverse the damage caused by pollution and the sun.

Argan oil is also an effective treatment for strengthening weakened strands of hair and enhancing the elasticity. Lastly, you can help cure dry and flaky scalp conditions by rubbing argan oil into your scalp.

What Is Jojoba Oil?

jojoba oilJojoba oil comes from the desert plant called jojoba. It is an evergreen shrub found in desert regions of California, Arizona and Mexico. The original form is waxy, but it can be melted quite easily.

Most notably, jojoba oil contains beneficial fatty acids and myristic acid, which makes it a great anti-inflammatory oil. Jojoba oil has the power to heal as it contains 81.7 percent iodine.

Jojoba oil’s structure is very similar to your skin’s, which makes it easy for your skin to absorb without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling behind. Even more importantly, when you use jojoba oil, you’re not clogging your pores.

What Are The Uses Of Jojoba Oil?

There are numerous benefits to using jojoba oil for your hair, and believe it or not, many of its uses are very similar to that of argan oil. Jojoba oil is a great natural moisturizing agent and it helps keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. You may also enjoy the added benefits of using jojoba as a scalp treatment, as it moisturizes without leaving any residue behind.

What Are The Similarities Between Jojoba And Argan Oil?

  • vitamin eBoth oils are a great way to reverse the effects of damaged hair.
  • Vitamin E and fatty acids are found in both oils.
  • You can use jojoba and argan oil as moisturizing agents.
  • They can both be used as scalp treatments, leave-in conditioners and shampoos.
  • Though one has antioxidants and the other is an anti-fungal treatment, they both help reverse cell damage.

As you can see, jojoba and argan oil can easily be interchanged. They both have much of the same properties and they promote healthy and moisturized hair. Since both oils are able to repair damaged hair, it makes them a popular option for many. The only thing to consider is that argan oil is undoubtedly more exotic, therefore yields a higher price tag.

They are both available in beauty products or pure form. It is recommended that your purchase these oils in pure form to ensure you’re not introducing extra chemicals into your system.


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