Argan Oil Vs. Emu Oil: Which One Is Better?


argan oilNatural oils have multiple benefits of our skin, hair and nails. Slowly but surely, they replace traditional cosmetic care products in our homes, as more and more women become aware of the benefits of such oils.

Perhaps their biggest advantage is their purity, their lack of fillers, preservatives or fragrances making them the perfect choice for women with allergic reactions to such chemicals.

Argan oil and emu oil are among the top preferences of many women. It’s very hard to decide which of them is actually better, as both have a lot of benefits. This is what we try to analyze in this article, below. We are going to take into consideration only 100% pure oils for our comparison.

Argan oil is extracted from a tree which can be found only in Morocco. This makes it one of the most rare oils in the world, as it is available in limited quantities only. It’s main benefits are wrinkle reduction and a powerful anti-inflammatory effect which helps reducing acne, eczema, sunburn and various blemishes. It is also very good for moisturizing the skin and for reducing its natural oil production.

Emu oil is harvested from certain species of emu birds in Australia. This oil contains about 70% unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Like argan oil, emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties,thus being widely used as relief for sore muscles, gout, sciatica and aching joints.

argan oil for lipsIt is also good for alleviating various skin conditions such as diaper rash, chapped lips, wrinkles, age spots and athlete’s foot.

Emu oil is also one of the preferences of massage therapists, many of them using it as part of the treatment they apply to their patients.When it comes to hair care, argan oil is one of the most commonly used products.

It is very good because it gives the hair a healthy shine and locks in the moisture. The hair becomes easier to tame, more beautiful and less prone to deteriorating. Argan oil feeds the hair strands without making them look oily. Emu oil is a little too fat, thus making the hair look greasy. This is why it is not so widely used as a hair care treatment.

Argan oil is also very good for nail care. Applied on the cuticles, it makes them soft and easy to push down for obtaining a beautiful manicure without using cuticle scissors. Emu oil is too heavy for this kind of usage. It is also very effective, but you need to take a rest after applying it, in order to allow it to penetrate the skin. Otherwise, everything you are going to touch is going to be greasy.

argan oilThe main difference between the two natural oils is their texture. Argan oil is lighter, more fluid than emu oil. This is why it works best during summer or in situations when the skin is not extremely dry.

Emu oil, on the other hand, can offer an excellent protection for the skin during harsh winter days.When choosing which type of oil to use, you have to take into consideration your personal preferences.

Both argan and emu oil are effective moisturizers, they both have good anti-inflammatory properties, but you should choose the one that makes your skin feel better from your personal point of view.

The other consideration worth taking into account is that argan oil is 100% derived from plants, while emu oil has animal origin. If you are a vegan from ethical considerations, you might want to avoid skin care products obtained from animals. In your situation, argan oil is the way to go.

argan oilThere are persons who use both oils: argan during the day, thanks to its lighter texture, and emu during the night, when the skin has a chance to get moisturized and nourished without any problem.

As a conclusion, the best natural oil is the one that suits you best. The only thing worth paying attention to is the quality of your cosmetic care products.

Always choose well-known, reputable brands, with many years of research supporting their products, with standardized manufacturing processes and with respect for their customers. If you do this, you are going to be happy with your choice, be it argan oil or emu oil.


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